Sunday, 20 May 2012

New Site and more soon

Well this is more of an update than a rambling. I have just finished putting together a new site for a client. It was fun to do although due to distance and for both of us this being an in between other work type of job, the site took longer than I am usually happy with.

The site is available at and as you can probably tell it is for a herbal clinic. The owners are friends of mine and their clinic is really nicely set out and they have all sorts of cool decorations and more importantly a deep knowledge of their craft.

The main tasks with the site were to get past my lack of horticultural knowledge. We chose a CMS so that the owners could blog for themselves and also change the content themselves, and this helped me to not have to blag as if I knew anything about herbal medicine.

The logo was done by an independant party, and excellent designer Chloe Miller. The choice of green  as the main color was partly chosen by the logo design but more by the nature of herbal medicine. In actual fact there were several logos done in numerous colors.

We have some more sites in the pipeline and underway. Look out for a builder's site, Jaqal couture and more...

Finally, a note as to why there have been fewer blog posts of late. We are house sitting and so I have had to use a laptop to do my work, which is HORRIBLE! I know that a lot of people use laptops and do great amounts of work on them, however, I am old-fashioned in my computer use and I find that the mouse tracker thingy is no where near sufficient for my comfort. On top of that, I am sharing the laptop with my wife who likes to spend money using it!

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